jensmile2CropMy own career path over the past 20 years has sparked many different directions, evolutions and learnings – both formal and informal.

With a solid background in business through a BBA combined with Human Resources, Training and Consulting work I am familiar with the needs and issues in small to medium sized organizations. Working as well in the not- for- profit and public services largely in the career field along with a Career Development Diploma, I am also intimately comfortable with individual’s experiences and journeys in and between organizations. I have supported personal and organizational change and growth with many, many individuals, teams and businesses from all areas of work or life. I am so passionate about supporting people through transitions, even tough or challenging ones, that I volunteer with Hospice and walk gently alongside others as they are moving towards death.

I have a genuine, simple yet insightful process that helps you divine and access your strengths so that you can use that power to work on achievable actions and goals.

Part of how I like to play is to expose myself to many different learning and experiences, and adapt and incorporate the concepts and skills to create useful models and tools, specifically in the areas of career, change, communication and thinking skills.

I also really love to go deep – and help you explore underlying or hidden needs and patterns and uncover explanations for the situations you are currently facing. Going below the surface is not always easy which is why I like to incorporate creative, playful tools or methods to reveal and accept what needs to be recognized in order to bring balance to the presenting situation and more fully heal the hidden dynamics that lie beneath. One way of doing that is called System Dynamics.

Who says change can’t be fun!

“An unmet need can create a slow burn inside or it can be encouraged and guided into a flame that actually enlightens the world around it. ”

Sharing all this to help you express your needs and desires, I have found the positive impact is that you acknowledge and develop your unique gifts and can perform at a higher level in what you do or want to do.

“A spark, which if given the right support catches fire and can transform into a light that shines in the darkness.”

I look forward to working with you to ignite the spark of change in your life.