Jen Campfire

Sparks don’t just start fires, they ignite transformation.

I love campfires. It’s in all of our blood and bones from way, way back. Do you remember as a kid (or perhaps even now) putting a stick in the fire, lifting it out and watching the sparks glow as you swung it through the dark night air – perhaps writing your name or creating a pattern?

By using the word “sparks” I am tapping into its meaning as a vital, animating or activating factor. It also includes the quality of being lively and original, and to act on our sparks means to ignite or set them in motion. Those are all elements of the work we do together.

So, as an Expression Coach, I want to help you explore what sparks lie within you ready to be revealed and acted upon. The word “express” means to convey or communicate, to manifest. It also means to “squeeze out the essence”. Expressing ourselves in our work and life is vital to our happiness and necessary for our contribution to the world around us.

I have also discovered that trying things out through exploration or “playing” with ideas or different ways of thinking or acting is the best way to learn. Even adults, or perhaps especially adults need to make more room in our lives for play.

At Playing With Sparks, it’s an active exchange where I support your sparks using original, interesting techniques developed and tested through my 20 years of experience working and playing with many people from all walks of life.