Death can be the elephant in the room that gets walked around, talked around, ignored or forgotten – until the elephant won’t be silent any longer.

Is it time to pay attention to the elephant ?



Whether you are a professional who works with clients around these end-of-life or health concerns, or you are a family member who wishes to raise the hard topic of plans and desires before it’s too late, this game may be just the thing you need to spark a very challenging conversation.

The intent behind the game is to help everyone playing to become:

  • Aware: learn valuable perspectives from each other and from up-to-date information about what your options really are
  • Care: contemplate what really matters to you through guided questions, reflections and choices
  • Prepare: a starting place of your values, wishes and options grounded in all of this and written down into  a plan
  • Share: through the game and beyond, practice talking about what matters with others so that your wishes can be honoured

“An interesting, fun and engaging way to discuss end of life issues”

“Enlightening topics …. The game helps open inner thoughts where some people would normally not say anything”

“An excellent way to start conversations with love ones and to start thinking about end of life”

Can be played in small or large groups,  with families or at events.

Used for training sessions, as a part of a workshop or consultation.

And now here….


This is a board game meant for anyone who wants to have fun while exploring and what’s on their “Bucket List”.  Are you someone who has thoughts, ideas, visions or even vague impressions of what you want to do before you  “Kick the Bucket”? Want to explore what matters to you in all areas of your life? Then this game is for you.



Check out the new book “Ick and Spark” which shares Jennifer’s philosophy about embracing death as a natural part of life. Illustrated by CD Good.

Ick and Spark