Who do I work (play!) with?

Maybe you are a visual person, and need to look at your work or life differently.

Maybe you are an action person who likes hands-on learning and exploration that can be actually applied in your work of life.

Maybe you enjoy conversation and exchange, individually or in groups.

I use all these strategies in my coaching process  to look at your situations and patterns, hear your needs and work/play your way to expressing them in your work and life.


Expression Coaching Services:
  • Alternative career coaching – getting to the deeper patterns and issues and how to resolve them.
  • Needs identification and expression – in work or life.
  • Small team or large group presentations or training in communication, thinking (creative or critical), change management or systems dynamics.
  • Organizational/team relationship effectiveness consulting and coaching
  • Customized program development – up-skilling or team building workshops
Little “Sparks”:
  • Class or group – active presentations of important skills like communication and thinking (geared for grades 5 and 6).
  • Story and activity book for educators or those that support learning.