What Others Experienced Playing With Sparks:
As a Coach:

“I want to thank you for your support this past year. I didn’t expect to be enlightened as much as I was by attending your sessions.  They proved to be very helpful for myself during a difficult time.”

“I want to thank you for coaching me, and giving me the attention and time I needed. No one has ever taken that much time to get to know the person I am. You helped me clear my mental clutter and put together a wonderful piece of myself. That is why I think you are sincere; you don’t just do a job, but you put the effort and time to actually do a great job and see others as the human beings they are.”

As a Facilitator:

“Jen is an excellent facilitator and takes the time to explain things to us in plain, easy to understand language. It is very interactive between Jen and the participants.”

As a System Dynamics Guide:

“Jennifer did the systems work with my husband and I and our business.  It was eye opening, highlighting many issues we didn’t even know existed and set in motion good, positive changes that have benefited both of us personally and our business immensely.  I would highly recommend both Jennifer and this systems based work.”

“This exercise was very powerful for me.  It was so simple, so interesting that I still can’t believe that in 45 minutes we revealed a hidden secret of our families past, and specifically my relationship with my father. It made bright lights go off in my head that had hidden the real challenge I felt for years.  You have such a lovely way of connecting with your clients. No pressure, casual, yet intense. You calmly gave instructions and then let me do the talking. Yet you guided me to a conclusion I thought hidden forever.”