Are you feeling stuck? Like something that matters is inside you but can’t get out?

  • You want to move forward in a new way or direction but you keep finding yourself back at the same place.
  • You’ve tried to communicate what you need or want to others but they either don’t get it, or they don’t seem to care because nothing changes.
  • You don’t feel like you even have enough clarity or focus to express yourself in your work and life – so no one else really gets you, or sees what you can do and your needs go unacknowledged and unmet.

Believe it or not, those are all sparks that are saying you’re ready to change. Let’s use those sparks to ignite the change you are looking for.

PWS Process FlowerCrop


How will we work together?

On the right is a visual showing how the process works:


  • We explore the issue/s or current situation and create visual pictures, models or 3 D maps using a variety of methods and common metaphors.
  • Looking at the dynamics and patterns of the system in this way  helps you gain a fresh perspective and understanding of “why” things are happening.
  • It becomes easier to recognize your habits and behaviours that are helping you get where you want to go, or not.

Choose – Change:

  • This step involves delving deeply into what matters to you: your needs and wants and values.
  • Through the use of gentle questions, playful exercises and meaningful conversation we identify what your needs truly are, and how you will recognize them in action.
  • We also look at what is most important to you and what you are willing to  give and take in order to bring your work or life system into balance.


  • Once you have that deeper awareness of what matters, we work together to learn and practice useful skills in essential areas of communication, thinking, creativity and action.
  • We apply these expanded skills in whatever your area of concern or focus –  your career, organization or life.
  • Using your own sense of self-expression as a guide, we notice the reactions, feedback and outward signs of change.

Since your needs and values are at the centre of our work together, I adapt my playful ideas and coaching style to suit you.

You matter to me because you matter!