Use our Exit Matters Resource Menu to take you beyond the traditional into what honours you and your life.

Coming Alongside

It can be really hard to think through and share your end-of-life wishes with loved ones, but we all need to do just that.   That’s something we understand and that’s why we have done the work of pulling together an Exit Matters Resource Menu that informs and guides your thinking, sharing and choices beyond the standard practices.
How you die can express how you live. If it’s time to spark that important conversation, Exit Matters Coaching is a place to start.
Exit Matters menu lying on a wooden surface with Choice Cards off to one side
Close up of our Resource Menu and Choice Cards
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Everything on our Resource Menu is designed to help you face your death with Compassion, Clarity and Choices. This gentle approach brings together current options and information, significant questions and prompts, and a holsitic perspective from all relevant aspects of the advance care planning process.

Like any menu, the options on your menu can change and you can pick a different option the next time you consider it.We start with what is important to you Now In Your Life, and use those values to help make choices and share what might matter to you During Your Dying Process and After Your Death.

 These become the touchstones for decisions and actions now in your life and for the rest of your life.

Whether you wish to take yourself through this guide or feel like guidance would help, there is an option for everyone. The end result is to know and share what matters to you with those who may be making choices on your behalf. It could be the greatest gift you ever give them – peace of mind from knowing what you want.

We have three Coaching options to guide you :


Our Resource Menu and initial conversation can help you understand the options and begin to come up with an action plan that you feel you can carry out yourself.


The starting place of the Menu is identifying what you care about – or your values. These should be help to guide you and your loved ones throughout the whole process – now, during and after your death. If you aren’t quite sure about your true values, this option helps to identify them so they are reflected all the way throughout your menu.


Is it time to share with loved ones? Play Exit Matters (facilitated) or get support in coming up with a communication plan that lets your loved ones know what your desires and choices are – and helps them to both understand them, and understand their role.


“The chance to shape one’s story is essential to sustaining meaning in life.”
– Atul Gawande


Working with You


Do you just need questions, prompts and options and then you’ll be fine on your own? This package includes the Exit Matters Resource Menu.

$100 for initial meeting


How do your values match with the options available? Together we work to get a clear picture first, and then reflect what you care about in your Resource Menu.



Do you need support as you are sharing your wishes with loved ones?  Coming up with a way to express your choices is included in this option.


When is the right time for your meaningful conversation? What are you waiting for?

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My passion is to create innovative and engaging ways to open up our thinking and talking about what matters to us - in our life and our death.


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