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Jan 2020

Bucket List Game Night

Jan 29th, 2020

This popular event is back again in 2020! Some think of this year as the year for vision or hindsight. Not always easy to achieve but playing this fun game can help.

Perspective or clarity come when you consider – who do you want to be, how do you want to live and what do you want to do before you die. It’s also a great way to get to know friends or family a little better. We all need to think about what matters to us in life, and this board game really helps!



Previous Events

Nov 13, 2019 |7 pm |The Causerie

Exit Matters Game Night

This popular event is back again at The Causerie!

It’s a funny contradiction – how talking about your death can actually help you get a better appreciation and understanding of what matters to you in life! Come out and play an orginal and engaging board game that will help you learn, explore and share what matters to you now in your life, during your dying process and after your death. Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? I bet you’ll be surprised at how lighter you feel after you’ve played Exit Matters. It’s something we all need to think about and talk about – what are you waiting for?

Participation is limited to 6 people.

Don’t wait – get your tickets ASAP!

Nov 14, 2019 |1:30 pm |The Museum

55 & Better Fall Edition

Do you know you need to have “that” conversation – about what matters to you most in life and in death – but just aren’t sure how to start it or what to say? Come out and play Exit Matters, a new board game that gently sparks the conversation in a comfortable, guided and informative way. Suitable for anyone who is enjoying their life but recognizes that deepening our thinking and talking about death actually gives us the opportunity to love life even more. And to prepare for what is to come with grace and authentic choices.

Nov 19, 2019 |7 pm |The Causerie

Easing the Burden

As we age, we worry about being a burden in our later years – to our children, our partners, and our family & friends. It can be a heavy load of emotional labor & concern to discuss these important issues with our loved ones.

This practical, participatory workshop with Jen Davis of Exit Matters will allow us to discuss & process our feelings around the end of life (and death) we wish to have, as well as examining how to have these conversations with our families and advocate for ourselves regarding our personal desires around medical care, assisted living, our wills, and our funerals.

Maybe we have experienced the loss of someone close to us and have had to try to figure out what their wishes would be. Having these conversations beforehand makes a hard time a little less heavy on our loved ones – so they are prepared when the time comes, as it does for all of us.
Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of putting your minds at ease with expert help to consciously examine your end-of-life wishes. Learn how to open these delicate conversations and raise these concerns around sickness, health, life, and death – some of the most profound experiences we, as humans, will ever live through.
Nov 3, 2019 |Kitchener Market

Life and Death Expo 2019

We’re an emerging coalition of social ventures and one-person businesses focused around a common theme of connecting seniors to services, and planning for end of life and beyond. As the Boomer generation is reaching end of life, they’re looking for more personalised options that may not be currently addressed with existing institutions.

The expo includes exhibitors and speakers who will address issues such as estate planning, medically assisted dying, technological advances that can help seniors stay independent longer, hospice services, home funerals, death doulas, and recomposition (composting) as an alternative to traditional burial and cremation, green burial options and more.

Special guest speaker Dr. Martha Taylor will be providing information on Medical Assistance in Dying.


My passion is to create innovative and engaging ways to open up our thinking and talking about what matters to us – in our life and our death.


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