Exit Matters

The Game you are Dying to Play



Know You Need to Have The Conversation but Aren’t Sure How to Start It?

Advanced Care Planning, or contemplating and communicating your end of life wishes is a necessary conversation, but not necessarily the easiest or most comfortable one to start. Now it is with the help of a board game called  Exit Matters that leads you through these difficult topics with ease, information, and enjoyment.

Whether you are a professional who works with clients around these end-of-life or health concerns, or an individual who just wants to explore what matters to them now and during their dying process, or you are a family member who wishes to raise the hard topic of plans and desires before it’s too late, this game may be just the thing you need to spark a very challenging conversation.

A close up of the Exit Matters game showing dice and marker on a yellow landing spot

Close up of the Exit Matters game

Photography by Playing With Sparks

A group of people are gathered around an Exit Matters game, deep in thought

Playing the game Exit Matters

Photography by Kessetta Black


Exit Matters

  • Can be played in small or large groups,  with families, friends or strangers.  At events, in the home or out in the community – with in-person or online facilitation
  • Used for staff training sessions, as a part of a workshop or consultation.
  • Train-the-trainer option where you learn how to facilitate the game and get your own copy
  • Pricing for not-for-profit groups available
  • Every player leaves with an Exit Matters menu they have started, that can be a starting place for conversations with loved ones or something to keep track of your wishes
Cropped image of the yellow mandala with a green centre
Cropped image of the yellow mandala with a green centre
Cropped image of the yellow mandala with a green centre


What People are Saying

“A good way to initiate discussion, in a neutral setting with peers….”

“An interesting, fun and engaging way to discuss end of life issues. A good way to initiate discussion, in a neutral setting with peers before having what could ordinarily be an emotionally charged discussions with family.”

“… Choice cards – VERY thought provoking….”

“I liked how it invoked open conversations and it was nice to hear everyone’s differing opinions. Sometimes made you rethink your answer. You thought oh for sure I’d do this, but then someone would add their insights and you’d start to open your mind to other ways of looking at things – especially liked the Choices cards – VERY thought provoking; encouraged me to think about my wishes surrounding my death.


My passion is to create innovative and engaging ways to open up our thinking and talking about what matters to us - in our life and our death.


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